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Best Practices and Key Economic Indicators


Data on Comparative Performance of Key Economic Indicators 


Fourth Meeting of IGEG on Financial Issues held at SAARC Secretariat, Kathmandu on 29-30 November 2010)   recalled that as recommended by the Second Meeting of the IGEG, Pakistan prepared a draft data template on comparative performance of key economic indicators.  The Third Meeting of IGEG considered the Draft format of data template on SAARC Economic and Financial Monitor prepared by Pakistan.  

The Meeting agreed to expand the scope of information to be included in the format by including data of SAARC Member States also relating to indicative limits for critical ratios like fiscal deficits to GDP, public debt to GDP, current account balance to GDP, short-term debt to GDP and critical ratios in the financial sector.  The Meeting also agreed to upload the data received from the Member States on the website of the SAARC Secretariat i.e.

The Meeting urged the Member States, which have not done so, to provide data as per the revised Format. It also urged all Member States to provide such updated data as per the revised Format regularly on an annual basis within two months of end of fiscal year.