Press Release

The Regional Consultative Meeting to finalize actionable frameworks on Sanitation and Nutrition in South Asia was held at the SAARC Secretariat on 8-9 May 2013 under the chairmanship of Mr. Ram Chandra Devkota, Deputy Director General of Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal. The Meeting was attended by representatives of SAARC Member States, representatives from UNICEF and Experts from the region. Mr. Ibrahim Zuhuree, Director, Social Affairs, SAARC Secretariat opened the Meeting on behalf of H.E. Mr. Ahmed Saleem, the Secretary-General of SAARC. On behalf of UNICEF, Karin Hulshof, Regional Director, UNICEF ROSA, highlighted the status of sanitation and nutrition situation in South Asia. The Meeting examined Regional Frameworks on Nutrition and Sanitation and agreed to the text of the Frameworks with revisions.

2.                     The Second Meeting of the SAARC Health Ministers mandated the Technical Committee on Health and Population Activities (TCHPA) to prepare guidelines for basic healthcare services, nutrition, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. Accordingly, the second meeting of TCHPA recommended the Secretariat to obtain services of consultant(s) or institution(s) to develop such guidelines. The SAARC Secretariat with support from UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA) contracted expertise to develop Regional Frameworks for Sanitation and Nutrition.

3.                     The Report of the Meeting will be considered by the Fourth Meeting of Technical Committee on Health and Population Activities scheduled to be held in India.