Date Name Type Size References
2013-08-13 Secretary-General calls on the Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission Null
2013-08-13 SG, SAARC addresses the Core Group of Immigration and Visa Experts Null
2013-08-15 SG's Meeting with Country Director, ADB Null
2013-09-02 SG addressing the 6th South Asia Economic Summit Null
2013-09-17 SG inaugurating the Regional Policy Dialogue on Adolescents in South Asia Null
2013-09-19 SG addresses the Sixth Asian and Pacific Population Ference in Bangkok Null
2013-09-29 SG addressing the Foreign Ministers Meet in New York Null
2013-10-02 Inauration of Symposium on Best Practices in Poverty Alleviation in South Asia 2013 Null
2013-10-28 SG addressing 2nd Mtg of South-South Cooperation on Child Rights in New Delhi Null
2013-11-15 SG attends CHOGM Null