Date Name Type Size References
2014-12-24 SG calls on Foreign Secretary of India Null
2014-01-09 Sectetary General visits Pakistan Null
2014-01-15 SG's call on King of Bhutan Null
2014-01-21 SG Addressing the 5th SAARC Business Leaders Conclave Null
2014-02-09 Secretary-General's farewell call on Foreign Secretary of Nepal Null
2014-02-13 Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting in the Maldives Null
2014-02-17 PRESS RELEASE: The 45th Session of the SAARC Programming Committee Null
2014-02-26 35th Session of the Council of Ministers of SAARC Member States Null
2014-03-03 H.E. Mr. Arjun Bahadur Thapa assumes office of the Secretary-General of SAARC Null
2014-03-11 H.E. SG calls on Offtg. Foreign Secretary of Nepal. Null