Date Name Type Size References
2014-03-12 SG calls on Foreign Minister of Nepal Null
2014-03-18 SG Calls on Hon'ble Prime of Nepal Null
2014-03-20 SG calls on Hon'ble President of Nepal Null
2014-03-27 SG calls on Hon'ble Vice President of Nepal Null
2014-04-14 Dr. Kabir takes over as DG, SARSO Null
2014-04-14 H.E. SG calls on Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Null
2014-04-15 MOU between SAARC and UN Women - Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women Null
2014-05-07 SG calls on Hon'ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh Null
2014-05-09 Condolence Message Null
2014-05-20 H.E. SG's introductory visit to Bhutan Null