Date Name Type Size References
2014-06-03 H.E. SG's introductory visit to Pakistan Null
2014-06-16 H.E. Ms. Fatema Z. Sumar calls on H.E. SGH. E. Null
2014-06-17 Dr. Amitava Bandopadhyay calls on H.E. SG Null
2014-08-11 H.E Secretary General's Introductory Visit to Sri Lanka Null
2014-08-23 H.E. SG's Introductory Visit to the Maldives Null
2014-10-07 SG's call on Asstt. SG, UNDP Null
2014-10-07 SG address the Informal Meeting of the SAARC Council of Ministers in New York Null
2014-11-27 18th SAARC Summit Declaration 31.79KB Download
2014-12-08 Thirtieth Charter Day Press Release Null
2014-12-18 Afghan Ambassador calls on H.E. SG Null