Date Name Type Size References
2011-06-12 Media Workshop on SAARC held in New Delhi on 6-7 June 2011 Null
2011-06-15 Secretary General's visit to SAARC Coastal Zone Management Centre, Male' Null
2011-06-22 Fifth SAFTA Ministerial Council Meeting (Male, 13th June 2011) Null
2011-06-24 Secretary-General Dhiyana Saeed visits Sri Lanka Null
2011-07-12 Media Exchange Programme, Islamabad, 5-6 July 2011 Null
2011-07-18 The Fifth Meeting of the SAARC Technical Committee on Women, Youth and Children Null
2011-07-24 Fourth Meeting of SAARC Ministers of Interior/Home and its preceding meetings, Thimphu, 21-23 July 2011 Null
2011-08-30 First Meeting of SAARC Sectoral Technical Committee on Food and Agricultural Products & Eighth Meeting of SAARC Standards Coordination Board… Null
2012-08-30 Second Meeting of the Expert Group of the Regional Railways Agreement and the Meeting of Experts on Demonstration Run of… Null
2012-12-06 Marathon on the occasion of SAARC Charter Day - 8th December 2011 Null