Date Name Type Size References
2012-04-23 Seventh Meeting of the Committee of Heads of University Grants Commissions / Equivalent Bodies (Thimphu, 19 – 20 April 2012) Null
2012-05-25 Secretary-General visits Thimphu Null
2012-05-30 Secretary-General visits Colombo Null
2012-06-21 Secretary-General visits Dhaka Null
2012-07-24 The Fifteenth Meeting of the Committee on Economic Cooperation - Maldives, 15-16 July 2012 Null
2012-08-15 Excerpts from President of India's address to the nation on SAARC Null
2012-09-28 Secretary- General calls on the Vice President of Maldives Null
2016-09-28 Secretary-General calls on the Vice President of Maldives Null
2012-09-28 Secretary-General addresses the Home Ministers’ Conference Null
2012-10-19 Secretary-General addresses ACD Summit Null