SAARC Recognized Bodies

Matters relating to granting recognition status as ‘SAARC Recognized Body’ to organizations are governed by the SAARC Guidelines and Procedures for granting recognition status as ‘SAARC Recognized Body’.


The interested organizations and professional bodies seeking recognition as SAARC Recognized Bodies should be based in the SAARC Member Countries and work in the areas of promoting social, economic and cultural development in the region.


Guidelines and Rights and Obligations of SAARC Recognized Bodies


Recognized bodies of SAARC:



  1     Association of Management and Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA)
  2     South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation of Architects (SAARCH)
  3   Federation of State Insurance Organizations of SAARC Countries (FSIO)
  4   SAARC Diploma Engineers Forum (SDEF)
  5   Radiological Society of SAARC Countries (RSSC)
  6   SAARC Teachers Federation (STF)
  7   SAARC Surgical Care Society (SSCS)
  8   South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA)
  9   SAARC Women’s Association (SWA)
  10    Hindukush Himalayan Grassroots Women’s Natural Resources Management (HIMAWANTI)
  11    Federation of Association of Pediatric Surgeons of SAARC Countries (FAPSS)
  12   South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE)
  13   SAARC Federation of Oncologists (SFO)
  14   South Asia Association of National Scout Organization (SAANSO)
  15   South Asian Network of Economic Research Institute (SANEI)
  16   SAARC Academy of Ophthalmology (SAO)
  17   South Asian Women Development Forum (SAWDF)
  18   Self Employed Women Association (SEWA