Council of Ministers

Council of Ministers

Council of Ministers (CoM) comprises of the Ministers of Foreign /External Affairs of the Member States. As provided in Article V of the Charter, the Council undertakes: formulation of policies of the Association; review of progress of cooperation under SAARC; decision on new areas of cooperation; establishment of additional mechanism under SAARC, as deemed necessary; and decision on other matters of general interest to SAARC.


The Council meets, preceding the Summit and between the two summits. The Council reviews the progress of implementation of decisions taken by Summits. The reports of the Council of Ministers are submitted to the Meeting of Heads of State or Government for consideration/approval.


The Council has also been meeting informally, since 1997, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly Sessions in New York.


SAARC Council of Ministers




Thirty Seventh Session


17 March 2016

Pokhara, Nepal

Thirty Sixth Session


25 November 2014

Kathmandu, Nepal

Thirty Fifth Session


20 February 2014

Bandos Island Resort, Maldives

Thirty Fourth Session


9 November 2011

Addu City, Maldives

Thirty Third Session


8-9 February 2011

Thimphu, Bhutan

Thirty Second Session


27 April 2010

Thimphu, Bhutan

Thirty First Session


27-28 February 2009

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Thirtieth Session


31 July-1 August 2008

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Twenty Ninth Session


7-8 December 2007

New Delhi, India

Twenty Eighth Session


2 April 2007

New Delhi, India

Twenty Seventh Session


1-2 August 2006

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Twenty Sixth Session


11 November 2005

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Twenty Fifth Session


20-21 July 2004


Islamabad, Pakistan

Twenty Fourth Session


2-3 January 2004


Islamabad, Pakistan

Twenty Third Session


21-22 August 2002

Kathmandu, Nepal

Twenty Second Session

2-3 January 2002


Kathmandu, Nepal

Twenty First Session



18-19 March 1999

NuwaraEliya, Sri Lanka

Twentieth Session


27-28 July 1998


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Nineteenth Session


29-30 November 1997

Male’, Maldives

Eighteenth Session

10-11 May 1997


Male’, Maldives

Sixteenth Session

Seventeenth Session

18-19 December 1995

19-20 December 1996

New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India


Fifteenth Session


30 April - 1 May 1995

New Delhi, India

Fourteenth Session


30-31 July 1994

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Thirteenth Session


4-5 December 1993

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Twelfth Session


10-11 December 1992

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Eleventh Session


8-9 July 1992


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Tenth Session


5 November and 20 December 1991


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ninth Session


3-4 July 1991

Male’, Maldives

Eighth Session


18-19 November 1990


Male’, Maldives

Seventh Session


8-9 November 1989


Islamabad, Pakistan

Sixth Session


27-28 December 1988


Islamabad, Pakistan

Fifth Session


11-12 August 1988


Kathmandu, Nepal

Fourth Session


31 October-1 November 1987

Kathmandu, Nepal

Third Session


18-19 June 1987


New Delhi, India

Second Session


14-1 5 November 1986

Banglore, India


First Session


12-13 August1986

Dhaka, Bangladesh



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