Press Release

Secretary General's visit to SAARC Coastal Zone Management Centre, Male'

On an official visit to Maldives, the SAARC Secretary General H.E. Uz. Fathimath Dhiyana Saaed visited SAARC Coastal Zone Management Centre on 14th June 2011. During her visit she met the Director and the staff of the Centre. Mr. Hassan Shifaau, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maldives and Mr. Ibrahim Zuhuree, Director SAARC attended the meeting. Director of the Centre, Dr. Shiham thanked the Secretary General for visiting the Centre and expressed appreciation for the opportunity to discuss the issues to the Centre with Secretary General.

During the meeting she interacted with the officials of the Centre and assessed the Centre’s working and performance. She highlighted that being a Centre of excellence its expected that the Centre should develop and implement programme and make significant contribution to meet the emerging environmental challenges and concerns in the region particularly in relation to coastal zones. The Director of the Centre, Dr. M. Shiham Adam briefly appraised the Secretary General on the ongoing programme activities of the Centre including the programme implementation and achievements during the current year. He also highlighted and pressed upon the problems faced by the Centre in programme implementation and recruitment of suitable staff. Madame Secretary General highlighted the need and relevance for developing partnership with local government and civil society organizations in programme implementation of the Centre.

At the end of meeting, the Secretary General suggested to the Director to come up with plan of action to enhance the capacity of the centre to make meaningful contribution in area of coastal zone management in the region.