Press Release

Secretary General of SAARC calls on the Foreign Minister of Nepal

H. E. Mr. Md. Golam Sarwar, Secretary General of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) paid a courtesy call on Hon’ble N. P. Saud, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Chair of the SAARC Council of Ministers, today. The Council comprises distinguished Foreign Ministers of the Member States of SAARC.

The Hon’ble Foreign Minister congratulated the Secretary General on his appointment and wished him every success during his tenure. He expressed the confidence that SAARC will make further progress, given the Secretary General’s vast knowledge and experience as a career diplomat of Bangladesh.

The Hon’ble Foreign Minister underscored the need to give further momentum to the SAARC process in attaining the objectives, as enshrined in the Charter.

During the meeting, the Secretary General conveyed heartfelt condolences to the Government and people of Nepal over the recent tragic earthquake in Western Nepal, which took lives of many people and caused colossal damage to properties.

The Secretary General expressed sincere gratitude to the Government of Nepal for endorsing his nomination as the fifteenth Secretary General of SAARC. He appreciated the constructive role played by Nepal to strengthen SAARC since its inception. He lauded the initiative of Nepal to host the SAARC Secretariat in Kathmandu. He thanked the Government of Nepal for extending every support to the SAARC Secretariat since its establishment.

The Secretary General praised the sustained efforts of Nepal, as current Chair of SAARC, in steering the SAARC process.  He looked forward to receiving continued support and guidance from the Government of Nepal in reinvigorating the SAARC process for the common good of peoples in the region.

In response and referring to the potential of SAARC of delivering prosperity to the region, the Hon’ble Minister reiterated the commitment of Nepal to re-energize the SAARC process, together with the Member States, to achieve this common objective. 


SAARC Secretariat,

Kathmandu, 09 November 2023