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Press Release: HOMENET South Asia Trust Delegation visits SAARC Headquarters

A 15-member delegation from the Network of Homebased Workers in South Asia (Homenet South Asia) paid a visit to the SAARC Headquarters in Kathmandu this afternoon. The delegation was led by Ms. Chandni Joshi, Enforcer, Homenet South Asia Trust.


In addition to office bearers and members of Homenet South Asia, the delegation comprised office bearers of SABAH in Bhutan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, who assembled in Kathmandu for the Tenth Annual General Meeting of SABAH Nepal.


The Secretary General received the delegation.

In his briefing to the visiting delegation, the Secretary General elucidated the genesis, objectives and principles of SAARC, including its institutional set up, Secretariat, Regional Centres and Specialized Bodies. He presented the areas of regional cooperation being pursued under the aegis of SAARC, which, inter alia, included communication; connectivity; agriculture; public health; energy; environment; and economic cooperation. He also touched upon the agreements and conventions adopted by SAARC to facilitate regional cooperation in a number of areas.


In his presentation, the Secretary General referred to the ongoing project-based collaboration under the auspices of the SAARC Development Fund, established in 2010, as the umbrella funding mechanism of SAARC. He also highlighted SAARC’s ongoing collaboration with its Observers, and regional and international organizations, several of which are the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations.


Speaking about the way forward, he underscored the importance of regular convening of the meetings of the Charter Bodies of SAARC, including the Summit, in providing renewed impetus to the SAARC process. Improved intra-SAARC connectivity, economic relations and tourism facilitate SAARC’s speedy progression towards the visionary goal of the South Asian Economic Union (SAEU), he affirmed.


The presentation was followed by an interactive session in which the visiting members of the delegation raised several pertinent questions.


SABAH is the first pilot project funded by the SAARC Development Fund under its Social Window. The project that lasted for six years from 2009 to 2015 was intended to empower home-based workers through economic self-sufficiency by harnessing their indigenous skills for producing market-oriented products.


A self-sustaining entity since 2016, SABAH continues to thrive across South Asia, bringing ample opportunities to the home-based workers. In essence, SABAH empowers the women.

Kathmandu, 02 November 2018